Make the most of your session (infographic transcript)

This is the transcript of the infographic, 'Tips on making the most of your employer session'.

Plan your session

What do you hope to accomplish?

  • Knowing your aims will help develop the content of the session and measure its success.
  • Think of what the student will gain from attending.
  • Plan your marketing and send us your promotional text as early as possible.

Choose your representatives

Who will deliver the presentation?

  • Students respond well to recent graduates, University of Birmingham alumni and recruitment decision-makers.
  • We have a diverse student community, consider your audience.

Maximise attendance

Consider time, date, duration and date.

  • Book a date in our presentation programme.
  • Schedule a breakfast, midday or evening event and consider offering refreshments.
  • Be flexible about where you hold your event. We can advise on what is available.

Market your event

Attract an audience

  • In your promotional text, tell students what they will gain from attending.
  • Avoid industry jargon and use a friendly but confident tone.
  • Start your social media campaign early and encourage staff from all areas of your business to post too.
  • Create a short video inviting students to attend.

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