University of Birmingham Recruitment Seasons for Employers (infographic transcript)

This is the transcript of the infographic, 'Recruitment Seasons for Employers'. 

Autumn Term

October - December

Careers Network activities:

  • Autumn Careers Fair
  • Engineering, Science and Technology Fair
  • Business, Finance and Consultancy Fair
  • Law Fair
  • Getting to Know series

Best time for:

  • Hiring recent graduates and final year
  • Building brand awareness (1st and intermediate years)
  • Employer Presentations
  • Company treks
  • E-bulletins 

Spring Term

January - March

Careers Network activities:

  • Internship and Work Experience Fair
  • Work Experience Month (Feb)
  • Getting to Know series
  • Insight Into series

Best time for:

  • Hiring summer interns
  • Building brand awareness
  • Guest speakers
  • Campus drop-ins
  • Company treks
  • E-bulletins 

Exam season

April - May

No activities 

Summer break & Graduation celebrations

June - September

Best time for:

  • Online activities - engage with those who have yet to find a graduate job.
    • Use social media
    • Post vacancies to Careers Connect
  • Hiring postgraduates (finish in September)