Retail internship video transcript

This is the video transcript for Hope Ritchie’s interview about her retail internship on the student profiles page. 

Retail internship

My name is Hope Ritchie and I’m a second year student studying English and I undertook a two month internship in London in a high street fashion retailer within the PR department. 

Describe your work

I was involved in a number of daily tasks: event assistance, general office admin, writing press releases, blogs and updating social media.

What skills did you bring to the organization? 

I had to bring time-management and organizational skills in keeping a strict schedule, and I also had to deal with quite a number of face-to-face and on the phone communications – so I had to bring communication and interpersonal skills.

What skills did you gain?

I picked up a number of skills that I continuously used as I was working there. One of the key things that I learnt was planning and the theory that goes into planning: how to develop a scheme that goes all the way from inception to completion.

How did your achievement impact on the organization?

As I said, one of my daily tasks was writing press releases that were sent out directly to the press, and this impacted the company in that they would feature the items in the magazines that would create revenue for the company and also brand awareness.