Television production internship video transcript

This is the video transcript for Sarah Fullwood’s interview about her television production internship on the student profiles page. 

Television production internship

My name is Sarah Fullwood, I’m a third year Media, Culture and Society students and I’m currently undergoing an internship at a television production company in Birmingham. 

Describe your work

My main role is a Production Assistant, so this entails me working under two Production Managers and helping with their projects. They’re often juggling a lot of projects all at the same time, so it’s my job and my responsibility to help out where I can. I can be anything from a runner on film-shoots to writing proposals and press releases.

What skills did you bring to the organization? 

I think the skills and knowledge I brought to the organization were obviously communication skills and organizational skills, but also my research skills because when you’re writing a film proposal you have to see what is out there and has already been done – and maybe the ways we can do it differently. So I think the research skills I have learnt during my third year and especially my dissertation have really been a benefit.

What skills did you gain?

For me the main skill that I have gained has been the ability to think on my feet. The Production Managers are extremely busy, they’ve got a lot of different kind of shows they need to manage at the same time, and if anything goes wrong the bill stops with me and it’s my fault so I need to think on my feet and think – ok, this has happened, it wasn’t planned, what can we do to make sure filming continues as quickly as possible.

I definitely feel that I have gained confidence and more reliance to actually tackle a problem face-on. 

How did your achievement impact on the organization?

For me my main achievement is the feasibility report I am working on for the company at the minute. This is a report that hopefully will take the company into the future with online videos. I have had the responsibility of researching an American company and the way they’ve done it and saying: this is their business plan, this is their strategy and here’s actually how it could be applied to us.