Medici Enterprise Training Programme

Are you interested in developing the commercial potential of your research? Would you like to gain an understanding of IP, patenting, negotiation and the world of business?  


Medici is our flagship intensive training programme designed for research staff currently exploring the commercial potential of their research or already involved in commercial development projects. In its 15 year history the course has trained over 500 entrepreneurial academics and researchers who have gone on to use the training to enrich their teaching and research and develop their ideas through various commercial pathways.  

The programme is designed to improve your business skills and knowledge so that you can engage with business and industry, with professionalism and confidence.

We are now recruiting delegates for our 2017/18 Enterprise Training Programme. If you are interested in applying or for further information, download our leaflet, contact: Sofia Hansrod or call on +44 (0)121 414 6539.