Consulting services


Consulting is one of the ways that academics and researchers make their expertise and knowledge available to industry, non-profit organisations, public sector organisations and governments.

Projects undertaken by consultants from the University of Birmingham include:

  • sitting on advisory boards
  • providing advice to companies on their proprietary technology
  • testing of materials
  • speaker engagements (including delivering seminars and presentations to or sponsored by corporate clients)
  • independent expert witness testimony in legal cases
  • research evaluation and report writing
  • fact checking of television programme scripts
  • process advice
  • training
  • provision of advice and expertise in an individual’s academic field. 


How we operate

We aim to make the process as easy as possible for both academics and clients, handling all the legal and financial requirements.

A guide to Academic Consultancy can be found here.

Contact us by email or call 0121 414 9090.