Latest news from University of Birmingham Enterprise

Novel polymers could lead to greater crop yields for farmers

A farmer's hand holding grains of wheat
The new polymers are designed to quicken the formation of beneficial biofilms, and are expected to result in stronger plants, and higher crop yields.
21 June 2022

New technology for water quality monitoring receives prestigious award

River showing visible pollution
Birmingham researchers collaborated with industry to develop the device, which measures the quality of water in rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
14 June 2022

‘Beam-steering’ technology takes mobile communications beyond 5G

Fixed antenna, of the type used for mobile communications
A new beam-steering antenna increases transmission efficiency and opens frequencies for mobile communications that are inaccessible to current technologies.
03 June 2022

Research paves the way for stronger alloys

molten metal, being poured into moulds
Research shows how microscopic crystals grow in molten metals, and paves the way for improving the tensile strength of alloys used in casting and welding
01 June 2022

Birmingham research brings hope for spinal cord injury treatment

Illustration of human body with the spinal cord, nervous system and brain highlighted
Birmingham scientists have shown an existing drug may reduce damage after spinal cord injury, by blocking the inflammatory response in the spinal cord.
20 May 2022

Former students raise £800k for edtech platform that automates grading

The team standing in front of the University's Physics building
Three former students who developed software that cuts the time to mark maths and science papers have raised £800,000 to commercialise the system.
19 May 2022

New tool to assess Long COVID symptoms

A pensive woman wearing face mask and resting her head on her hands
A comprehensive tool that can assess the symptoms of Long COVID has been developed at the University of Birmingham for use in research and clinical care.
27 April 2022

Artificial intelligence offers solution to heavy marking loads

Staff from 6 Bit Education
An assessment and feedback platform that cuts the time taken to mark work in maths and science subjects has been designed at the University of Birmingham.
26 April 2022

New spinout Healome Therapeutics to speed development for ocular disease and eye trauma therapeutics

Close up of an eye, showing the cornea
The spinout has been created to commercially deploy a platform that delivers a ‘pro-healing’ microenvironment for the leading causes of preventable blindness.
25 April 2022

Urine test for bladder cancer could replace 1000s of invasive cystoscopies given each year

Doctors notepad, writing says diagnosis: bladder cancer
Birmingham researchers have developed a new urine test for bladder cancer that could reduce the need for invasive and time-consuming diagnostic procedures.
21 April 2022

Biomarker research boost for spinout Empower Therapeutics

Illustration of alpha, theta and delta brain wave recordings
The brainwave biomarker is being leveraged to both identify pain sensitive individuals and change their perception of pain.
06 April 2022

Birmingham software powers global road-building investment strategy

Truck driving on road in Kenya
HDM-4, a strategic planning software developed at the University of Birmingham, will get a major upgrade led by the World Bank Group.
24 March 2022
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