Enterprising Birmingham Competition Announces finalists

Enterprising Birmingham, the inaugural business plan competition for researchers at the University of Birmingham, is now reaching its final stages. The business plans submitted have now been put before a judging panel made up of experts from both inside and outside the university and 6 finalists have been chosen. The finalists will present their ideas in front of a 2nd panel of experts and an audience made up of both university staff and representatives from external organisations at our Showcase Event being held on 13th January at the University of Birmingham Business School.

The finalists come from a range of background and cover some interesting and innovative new business ideas, detailed below -

Wai-Ling Bickerton, Professor Glyn Humphreys

Cognition Matters
The Birmingham University Cognitive Screen (BUCS) is a novel screen for patients suffering from brain damage. This assessment methodology is based on a patients’ problems with cognition and provides an improved and objective tool for assessment in order to provide targeted treatment and rehabilitation which can be used by the health profession.
Dr Rustam Stolkin, Proferssor Bob Stone, Marek Kopicki

New generation tele-operated robots
Tele-operated robots are used in many situations where it is dangerous for humans to work, such as bomb disposal, nuclear waste, rescue and firefighting, or space exploration.
This team is developing a range of technologies for a new generation of robots, that will overcome previous key limitations, specifically mobility, manipulation, and operability.
Dr Mark Redwood, Professor Lynne Macaskie

Biowaste to Energy, Sustainable Resource Solutions
Anaerobic digestion (AD) is an established technology whereby gaseous fuel (methane) is generated from waste organic matter. It is being promoted by the UK government in order to help meet renewable energy targets. The University spin out company, Biowaste2energy Ltd will develop a bolt-on module that multiplies the energy output of an AD plant.
B Xavier Disley, Dr Francois- Xavier Li

A lab based comprehensive bicycle fitting service
An innovative service to optimise the fit of cyclists to their bicycles, making unprecedented use of cutting edge laboratory techniques and equipment. Applicable to all levels of cyclist but aimed towards the serious racer, comfort and power output on the bicycle would be improved, making the cyclist faster, more efficient and reducing the risk of injury.
Dr Oliver Mason

Harvesting Opinions using Linguistic patterns
Sentiment Analysis is the automatic identification of opinion from texts, mainly reviews of films and products. Most sentiment analysis software is very basic but this new innovative tool makes use of complex linguistic patterns which have been identified using the knowledge and expertise held within the University.
Dr Bushra Al-Duri

Noxyclean – at the cutting edge of medical waste treatment
Medical wastes contain highly toxic and pathogenic materials that currently resist all treatment methods except incineration, which itself causes pollution. Oxyclean is a new technology for the treatment of medical wastes by supercritical water oxidation.

The Showcase Event is being launched by the Chancellor of the University, Sir Dominic Cadbury, and promises to be a lively and informative afternoon. For more information or to register for the event, please contact Catherine Mansell at c.mansell@bham.ac.uk.

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