Marie Curie Association launched at the University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham has won funding from the European Commission for more than 40 Marie Curie projects.  The Marie Curie research theme “promotes passionate people” and offers funding for initial training, life long training, international collaborations and partnerships between industry and the academic world.

The University has a number of individual fellowships, bringing young researchers to Birmingham from all over the world, to study, train and enhance their career prospects. Fellows are working in the field of high mass physics, graph theory, climate change, medicine, and history. Initial training networks have been set up where experienced University staff mentor young researchers training in their subject.  Projects range from the link between brain and behaviour, to marine fouling organisms and their prevention.

Research links with industry have also been set up to look at foundry casting methods and at sustainable detergency technology. Other projects are working on staff and student exchanges across the world, with partners in China, Brazil and India, from computing to evidence based medicine.

An initiative, facilitated by RCS, has now brought together all these young researchers to form a Marie Curie Association at the University. The Association will provide a network for sharing best practice, making friends and reaching out to the local community in Birmingham.

For more information contact Caroline Marshall.