University of Birmingham portable cancer test receives further investment

A strategic partner of the University of Birmingham, Abingdon Health Ltd, recently announced the closure of a £3 million investment round.

Abingdon Health is a specialist medical diagnostics company and the fundraising will allow the Company to accelerate the execution of its strategic plan and specifically the development and launch of a series of rapid immunoassay tests focused on the haematology oncology market.

This investment follows the commercial launch of the Seralite®‐ FLC device in March 2015, the world’s first rapid diagnostic device for multiple myeloma, a type of cancer that starts in the bone marrow. Based on an invention at the University of Birmingham and developed initially through Abingdon Health's joint venture with the University of Birmingham, Seralite®‐ FLC allows for the quantitative measurement of kappa (K) and lambda (λ) immunoglobulin free light chains (FLCs) in serum as an aid to the diagnosis and management of multiple myeloma. The assay uses monoclonal antibodies and provides an accurate picture of disease status in 10 minutes.

Using a simple to use, portable, rapid test, clinicians are able to monitor patients in “real time” supporting faster decision‐making. In conjunction with the investment round, Abingdon is also pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Yates as CEO.

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