KTP for academics

Turn your impact into Impact

With the growing importance of demonstrating the non-academic application of publicly-funded research, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) provide a proven pathway for using research to create real-world change. Outcomes and outputs from KTP can be referred to in future research evaluation exercises.

Yet KTP is not just about achieving impact. Named academics involved in projects will spend 10% of their time (approx. half a day per week) with the partner company. New research generated can form the basis of publications and conference presentations, with partner companies providing access to equipment and resources that would otherwise be unavailable.

Dr Tim Overton

Dr Tim Overton

Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering

“KTP has enabled me to develop my understanding of industrial needs and working practices. It is a great method of delivering impact and increasing my research and collaborative profile; I feel far more knowledgeable about what industry needs and how I can translate my basic research into industrially-applicable ideas”

The University of Birmingham's KTP Office can advise on all aspects of developing your proposal. Working closely with the University's Business Club and Business Engagement teams, we can help to find and facilitate interactions with potential company partners for your idea. We're on hand to help draft your application to Innovate UK, the sponsors of the scheme. And once the project has been awarded we're here to support you in the supervision of your project, from recruitment through to project management.

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