Engineering and Physical Sciences Research

Research from the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Birmingham

This video looks at the incredible research taking place within the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. For this video we focused on the Human Interface Technologies Team, Tribology, the Advanced Manufacturing Lab, Artificial Intelligence and Cryogenic Energy Storage. You can watch the short individual videos on our Youtube channel.  

10 Ways We're Transforming Business

10 Ways We're Transforming Business

The University of Birmingham has a proud history of working with industry and pioneering approaches to transform business since its inception in 1900. Established as the UK’s first civic university, our founder, Joseph Chamberlain, recognised the importance of university-business collaboration to drive society and the economy, share resources and knowledge, and make important things happen. Learn about the ten ways that the University is transforming modern business.  

Maximising Impact through Collaboration

Maximising impact through collaboration

 The changing landscape of research funding in the UK means that collaborative research partnerships with businesses are a growing source of income for universities. The University of Birmingham’s Business Engagement team is here to accelerate industry and academic collaborations, providing greater impact for research outputs and delivering solutions to real-world challenges.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business with Twycross Zoo

Watch this fantastic animation that tells the story of what happened when our Life Sciences academics collaborated with Twycross Zoo to create artificial habitats for their chimpanzee enclosure.