Graduate Recruitment and Student Placements

We offer a range of opportunities for you to promote your graduate and undergraduate vacancies to our students, from structured part-time work, internships and placements to graduate employment. Here are some examples of how student internships and placements can help your business.

Armada - Keeping You Posted

Armada, an SME based in the West Midlands, specialise in developing IT user assistance systems, including running training courses, developing e-learning and online help systems.

Delivering first class IT training solutions meant that it was important for the Company to have a strong website presence to promote their services. Ideally the website would also demonstrate up to the minute-communication mechanisms, such as Facebook and Twitter. As a result they identified a post for a person not only with key business and marketing skills, but someone who was ‘social media’ savvy. 

The Company decided to fill this gap by offering a graduate internship that would not only look at how they could improve their internet presence, but also help with computer set up and IT issues on their training courses. Armada Director, Nigel Platt explained “We have found it beneficial to offer student placements before because it is an excellent way of getting to know a candidate before considering them for a permanent role with the Company. From the intern’s perspective, it also provides them with a good opportunity to find out about the Company and the work before committing to a long term career.”  Nigel had previous experience of working with the University of Birmingham, and so contacted one of their Internship Officers, Jim Reali, about this opportunity. Jim was more than happy to promote the vacancy on the University’s student-facing database and before long applications started to come in for the post. 

Although graduating in Environmental Geoscience at Birmingham, successful candidate, Samantha Sturley, was interested in exploring a career in business and in particular, marketing, and so the post at Armada presented a perfect opportunity. During her time with the Company, she has undertaken marketing work as well as being a key point of contact for several customer accounts. She has also implemented a new social media policy including the development of the Company’s Facebook page.

Nigel Platt

Director, Armada

“Samantha has fitted in fantastically well at Armada and I would definitely recommend offering placements to University of Birmingham students to others.”

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Vaisala - Student Internship Goes Down a Storm!

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement.They provide a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services for chosen weather-related and industrial markets and serve customers in over 150 countries.

Low visibility weather phenomena (such as fog and haze) present potentially serious disruption to transport, and pose real threats to safety.  They occur under certain weather conditions and so far prediction has been difficult using numerical weather prediction models, because of a lack of a dense visibility observation network, and the mixture of fog and haze.

The Company decided to offer a student internship that would look at how they could improve this, using their existing observation based model and extensive data set with the aim of refining the model to improve outcomes.  University of Birmingham student, Andrew Hicks, fought off tough competition to take up the internship, and undertook a specific project investigating low visibility phenomena (most significantly fog) particularly with reference to airports.  Andrew worked on testing different modifications to the model in an attempt to increase its performance and a result of his hard work good progress was made during his placement.

Geoff Hart

UK Country Manager, Vaisala

“We were able to utilise a motivated individual with up-to-date knowledge and skills for an important project. Previous interns have subsequently joined us full time after completing their degrees, so it can also be a good way of spotting potential employees for the future.”


When Righttrack met Talent Pool

Righttrack provide bespoke learning and development solutions to clients based in the UK and overseas. It wanted to explore franchising its services to attract additional overseas business, particularly in countries where the business language is not English and the concept of bespoke learning and development is relatively new.

The Company had limited resources to undertake the research needed for this project, and so decided to look into a student internship. Although initially a little apprehensive about whether a postgraduate would have sufficient practical business knowledge to carry out the work required, Righttrack was extremely impressed when they met Jwalant Batavia. Jwalant, who is currently studying for an MSc in Strategic Marketing and Consulting, was subsequently recruited to undertake the project for Righttrack.

Managing Director Kasmin Cooney commented, "The student quickly grasped what Righttrack was about and how the aims of the project fitted with our overall export strategy. During the research phase, the student had various meetings with senior managers to discuss progress. We were able to meaningfully discuss business issues relating to the project. The student always had something to add, either from his research, existing knowledge or business experience.  His knowledge was far beyond his years."

In 15 days over four weeks, Jwalant mainly worked remotely, checking in by conference call at agreed times and visiting the office in-between. At the end of the project he presented a comprehensive report that will enable Righttrack to prepare a clear, five-year strategy to increase their exports beyond the Gulf region.

Kasmin reflects how, "it has helped us to clarify our thinking about implementing a franchise model. The project experience has also helped us to challenge some of the processes already in place and improve certain areas of how we deal with agents. "Working with Talent Pool at the University of Birmingham has enabled us to bring an important task forward. From a personal perspective, the whole experience has been thoroughly enjoyable; it has been enriching to work with this very bright young man. "So, if you have a project that is on the backburner due to limited resource or capacity, I would urge you to contact Talent Pool and take advantage of a valuable opportunity. It certainly is worthwhile."

Kasmin Cooney

Managing Director, Righttrack

“Working with Talent Pool at the University of Birmingham has enabled us to bring an important task forward. From a personal perspective, the whole experience has been thoroughly enjoyable.”


Talent Pool is an enterprise and consultancy skills programme run by Entrepreneurship and Innovation (part of Careers Network at the University of Birmingham), which actively encourages students to participate in knowledge exchange relationships with businesses. On successfully completing the programme, students have the opportunity gain membership of the highly reputed Talent Pool Group. Businesses can then tap into this talent through the commissioning of specific short-term consultancy projects and/or work placements. In July and August 2014, Redditch-based Company Righttrack recruited postgraduate student Jwalant Batavia through Talent Pool.  Contact Talent Pool for more information