University of Birmingham works with The Wilson Organisation to launch Family Business Futures

The University of Birmingham is supporting a new not-for-profit online initiative which connects family businesses across the UK, providing businesses in the sector with interactive support and expert advice. 

Launched on 17 June and organised and backed by The Wilson Organisation, a Nottingham based third-generation family business, Family Business Futures is an online community for people to share networking opportunities, offer support and ask for advice within a trusted forum, so that family businesses do not only survive, but thrive.  

Family Business Futures will enable people to connect to other businesses in the community that understand the unique challenges of leading a family business, providing support and advice. It will also offer active online hubs to connect people with each other, where they can share experiences and ask for and provide advice across the network.  

The University of Birmingham, as a supporter of this community, will participate within the forum to provide insight and feedback across members’ questions, with expertise across a number of both functional and sector specific areas. For example, the Birmingham Leadership Institute offers cross-sector leadership programmes including a range of adaptable one-day programmes which provide a focus on a particular aspect of leadership.   

The Work Inclusivity Research Centre, based in Birmingham Business School, studies issues of equality, diversity and inclusion in employment across all sectors to better inform UK organisations and government departments in future decision making. 

For sector specific support, the University can work with businesses in the Life Sciences or energy sectors, with strategic initiatives such as the Birmingham Health Innovation Campus or Tyseley Energy Park for businesses wanting to innovate, grow and develop.  

Vickie Pargetter-Garner

Deputy Director of Business Engagement at the University of Birmingham

“Family Business Futures is a unique opportunity to bring together an important section of the business community. The University of Birmingham is proud to be supporting this initiative and strengthening how we work with business as a civic institution.”

To be part of the Family Business Futures community head to their website.