Industry 4.0 

On 10 July, at the Edgbaston Park Hotel, the University of Birmingham hosted a morning of discussions around Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Digitalisation and how UK Manufacturing is on the cusp of industrial transformation. We had a number of keynote speakers who offered some fascinating insight.

Event Presentations

Presentation slides are available on request. Please email to request a copy.

Simeon Clow - Business Development Manager from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) delivered a detailed overview of some of the world-leading facilities available for Industry at STFC’s Hartree Centre and the real life application and impact of these in today’s world. Simeon delivered examples of digitalisation across a number of sectors and offered advice on how businesses can access such facilities & funding to overcome product, process or R&D based technical challenges and tap into the world of digitalisation.  

Andy Burnage from Kainos a specialist digital transformation partner of STFC also provided insight around the digital platform and spoke about the importance of data.  He revealed the overriding need to identify and understand key datasets and then integrate and share them to continuously drive more informed decision making, greater customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Nigel Knapp - Senior Business Development Manager from the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) delivered a great comparison between digitalisation before and digitalisation now. He spoke about how manufacturing has already changed, is changing and will continue to change. Nigel offered advice on how businesses can move forward and provided a few pointers in how to do so.

Phil Hamilton - Business Engagement Manager for Amtecca at the University of Birmingham (UoB) spoke about ‘the hype’ around Industry 4.o and the barriers businesses face. He delivered comprehensive examples of what UoB is doing in the market and the projects we have in place to support businesses across a variety of sectors.   

Charlotte Horobin - Regional Director for Make UK (East and West Midlands) delivered an insightful presentation around Digitalisation and Manufacturing. She highlighted the strategic ambition of UK Manufacturing and the wider benefits of digitalisation to the UK economy and how all of this leads to a more sustainable way of working.  

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