Business Support Programmes

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We have a number of SME support initiatives across various Local Enterprise Partnership areas, providing free, bespoke support to eligible businesses across the West Midlands and beyond.

Characterisation, Measurement and Analysis 



The Advanced Materials Characterisation and Simulation Hub (AMCASH) is an ERDF-funded initiative established to support SMEs with industrial research and new product development involving microscopypolymers and modelling.


The Centre for Innovation in Advanced Measurement in Manufacturing (CIAMM) has been developed to help eligible SMEs area discover the full potential of quantum technologies across a broad range of industries.


Advanced and Digital Manufacturing

Digi Rail Logo OnlyDIGI-RAIL is an ERDF-part funded project providing long-term innovation support to eligible SMEs  on developing digital products and services for the rail industry

S2I Orange and BlackS2I is an innovative programme that helps small eligible SMEs access world-class science and hi-tech expertise to overcome productprocess or R&D based technical challenges.

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The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies that Create, Activate and Automate programme helps eligible SMEs better understand and take advantage of new industrial digital technologies.


Energy, Recycling and Raw Materials 



The Alternative Raw Materials with Low Impact (ARLI) initiative drives collaborative R&D enabling SMEs to develop products and processes that improve efficiency in the use of raw and waste materials and effective alternatives.

ATETA - NewThe Accelerating Thermal Energy Technology Adoption (ATETA) initiative is designed to provide regional SMEs with high level access to energy related R&D facilities.




MD-TEC (Medical Technologies Testing and Evaluation Centre) is a facility based within the Institute of Translational Medicine designed to support medical technologies and life science businesses across the region.