Posters and Presentations

As part of the agenda for the 2017 conference there was an opportunity for a limited number of associates to deliver poster presentations or short oral presentations.


The abstracts for all Associate posters and presentations have been collated and are available to download:Abstract Document

Conference Slides

The slides used as part of the conference are available to download below:


Poster Presentations/Competition

Posters were judged in two categories Early to Mid-stage Projects and Established Projects and a prize for the best poster in each category was awarded to the following Associates:

Early to Mid-stage: Douglas Moore, Monkfield Nutrition Ltd and University of Nottingham

Established stage: Wajahat Kazmi, Wheelright and Aston University

Oral Presentations

Associates also had the opportunity to deliver a short presentation on the benefits of the KTP model to their project. The prize for the best presentation went to:

Elena Perez-Barrado, Keeling & Walker and Keele University.