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May 2021 Breakfast Briefing

The UK has seen tremendous success in the last 12 months with the COVID-19 vaccine, demonstrating just what UK business and academia can do with focus, funding and backing from government and the public. But there is not a bottomless pit of government funding – there are consequences. We have seen in just a few months the sudden dissolution of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, the introduction of a new ‘Innovation Strategy’, the government’s announcement of the Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA), and the initial results of KEF (Knowledge Exchange Framework) which will shape future funding to universities. On top of that, the cut in Overseas Development Funding (ODA) in the last budget saw funding bodies left with no choice but to pass down those cuts to grant holders.

To consider these changes in the context of the UK’s research funding landscape and to discuss ways this may impact on how universities work with industry, we have gathered a panel of expert guest speakers to explore this further and give their forecast on how the sector can work together to maximise funding opportunities for the future.

Please watch the video recording of this panel discussion below.


Previous Breakfast Briefings

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