Testimonials and case studies

What some of our SMEs have had to say about their
DIGI-RAIL experience:


Powelectrics Ltd 

Dave Oakes, Managing Director at Powelectrics says: 

"Powelectrics are thrilled with the work DIGI-RAIL have done for us as we continue to develop our wireless sensor solutions. The project outputs are a major step towards self-powered IIoT solutions with energy harvesting capabilities, so that systems can be deployed in circumstances where replacing batteries and getting other power sources is a challenge, further enhancing desirability. Thanks to all at DIGI-RAIL for your hard work.

Phoenix Contact UK Ltd 

Nuno Vasco, Business Development and Industry Railway Lead at Phoenix Contact UK Ltd says: 

“The Stay Connected workshops have been running for over a year now through the Rail Alliance and as members Phoenix Contact, particularly myself have found the series exceptional and very relevant to the professional railway industry.

As an SME based here in the UK, the range of discussions held have been of an impeccable and of very thought provoking interest, especially of having the likes of Unipart Rail and their supply chain team open to discuss potential opportunities.

Discussions on the progress of the DigiRail project which I have found especially motivational, and inspired me to focus on the digitalisation applications that Phoenix Contact’s solutions offer, the ease of conversations whilst being able to be networking prospects via a webinar for Industry and Academia has been very worthwhile.

Martin Little and the Rail Alliance team have really outdone themselves and I look forward to more events for the remainder of the year and beyond”


Ali Taranssari, Director of Strategy at Gadjet says:

"Attending the Get into Rail program, organised by DIGI-RAIL, was extremely helpful for us. Rail has been a very remote industry for us up until now, however we have managed to identify mutual synergies and having completed the program we believe there will be lots that we can do with the Rail industry. The course was very insightful for someone like us, coming from a different sector, at the same time not overwhelming at all. The program opened our vision towards what is happening within Rail and what are the upcoming plans and potentials to help understand where our business can fit in. The program had an excellent delivery by Alec Gillham and Rachel Eade as well as a guest speaker, Martin Little."

RSS Infrastructure (case study)

RSSI logo

Peter Thompson, Rail Director at RSS Infrastructure says:

"RSS Infrastructure were delighted to work with DIGI-RAIL on this project. It was a true collaboration that sparked many additional ideas and improvements on the original concept whilst always keeping in mind the practical aspects such as engineering, production and costs.

The DIGI-RAIL team were fully committed to the development of the smart trolley concept. After my initial presentation, DIGI-RAIL did their research to ensure that there was a genuine business case for this product.

The concept of a retrofitted kit to improve existing rail trolley stock at a reasonable cost shows the DIGI-RAIL team's commercial acumen. They deal in real-world problems and solutions that are both practical and affordable. This project was a true collaboration taking the knowledge and experience of both parties to create something greater than they could individually."

Read the full RSSI Smart Trolley case study.

Technology Supply Chain

Richard Fallon, TSC CEO says:

"The Technology Supply Chain is a rapidly expanding, no-cost membership for manufacturing, engineering and technology companies as well as B2B service firms in the West Midlands. Our members benefit from access to the grants, funding, fully funded projects, support and tools which help them to innovate and grow.

There are many well-hidden opportunities for companies in the West Midlands which we highlight to our members.

We are delighted to be working with DIGI-RAIL as it brings the support our members need and the business understanding they want. This exciting project helps manufacturing, engineering and tech firms to tap into the many opportunities the rail sector offers from construction and track through rolling stock and the various needed components to digital and services.

Our members want innovation and growth. With some sectors, such as automotive, in decline, it is the perfect time for companies in these supply chains to pivot and offer their products and services to the growing railing sector. It is also a great time for engineering and technology firms to get involved and tackle 21st century rail challenges.

DIGI-RAIL has helped us to effectively portray the opportunities offered by the rail sector to our members. They have then helped our interested members on a 1:1 basis to develop their ideas and get the introductions into the sector that they need.

DIGI-RAIL is breaking down the barriers into getting into the rail sector which offers so many untapped business opportunities, especially given HS2 and other vital infrastructure projects.”

Worcester Scientific

Jon Wills, Business Development Officer at Worcester Scientific says:

"We were introduced to DIGI-RAIL through the Rail Alliance and were immediately welcomed into the process, starting with an aim of understanding the complex supply chain and devising a route to market for our Air Quality monitoring and sensor products. 

DIGI-RAIL has provided us with the confidence to approach the right level within the supply chain and provided valuable networking opportunities and events so that our contact network could be expanded. 

As a result of becoming involved with the Rail Alliance and DIGI-RAIL, our company was able to explore new markets and develop high quality business contacts within the Rail Sector. We are very optimistic going forward that this will lead to some great outcomes."

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