Change Direction

Interested in Postgraduate Study in a new subject area? Change direction with the University of Birmingham.

You've chosen your degree and you’ve made it through at least two or three years of lectures, essays and exams. But in your final year or soon after you finish, you realise that the career path that you once deemed perfect is no longer the way you want to go. Have you considered changing direction and seeking alternative postgraduate opportunities?

Professor Russell Beale, School of Computer Sciences "Life is full of options, never more so than in this day and age. There are masters courses, conversion courses, distance learning, vocational training, a new degree course – the list goes on. Finances, enthusiasm, attitude and responsibilities all affect the choices you make, but remember things turn out for the best, and nothing is forever."

We have a number of postgraduate opportunities for graduates where no prior knowledge of the subject area is expected. These include: