Change career direction

Interested in postgraduate study in a new subject area? Change direction with the University of Birmingham.

As you progress through your career and you gain new experiences, or change your personal circumstances, you may realise that the career path that you once decided upon is no longer the way you want to go. Have you considered changing direction and seeking alternative postgraduate opportunities?

Explore your options

Explore what alternative routes may be available to you with your current undergraduate qualifications, or find out what may be an option with no prior knowledge required. These are not all the options available to you, but they give you an idea of the type of career you could move into. 

If you have an undergraduate degree in biology or life sciences....

If you have an undergraduate degree in Maths, engineering subjects, Physics or Computer Science...

If you have an undergraduate degree in environmental sciences...

If you have an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy, Medicine or Dentistry

Looking for a complete change?

If you're considering a complete change in career from your current job or sector then we offer opportunities to pursue a postgraduate degree in certain fields, which don't require a specialist undergraduate degree. We have a number of postgraduate opportunities for graduates where no prior knowledge of the subject area is expected.  Sometimes, experience is required for some programmes, which you can fulfil while going through the application process. 

Would you like to move into the healthcare profession?

The programmes below require previous care experience, however you can apply from many degree backgrounds:

Considering training to teach?

Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Education (QTS)

There is the option to specialise in Early Years (3-7 years) or Primary (5-11 years). All applicants to the Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Education must hold a degree from a UK Higher Education Institution. Normally, this should be a 2:1 or above (and this will be a condition of any offer where the degree is not already awarded) although decisions are made on a case by case basis and a 2:2 may be accepted. 

You must have a GCSE in Mathematics and English  (Grade 4 or above*), or an equivalent qualification which must be attained prior to making an application. GCSE Science (Grade 4) must be attained as a condition of entry, where this has not already been obtained. If you are offering a qualification other than a GCSE please check with us before making an application.

Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Education (QTS)

We offer programmes in the following subjects: English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Modern Languages: French/German/Spanish, Physical Education, Religious Education, Science: Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

All applicants to Secondary PGDipEd (QTS) programmes must hold a degree from a UK HEI (or an equivalent qualification) in a relevant subject, as well as GCSE grade 4* or above (or equivalent) in mathematics and English. 

Please see individual subject pages for further information and if you have any questions about entry requirements, please contact us on

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Professor Russell Beale, School of Computer Sciences "Life is full of options, never more so than in this day and age. There are masters courses, conversion courses, distance learning, vocational training, a new degree course – the list goes on. Finances, enthusiasm, attitude and responsibilities all affect the choices you make, but remember things turn out for the best, and nothing is forever."