Assessment and Intervention

Module code: 23050

Credits: 40

This module focuses upon psychological theory and research relating to the process of cognitive development and learning throughout the developmental lifespan, with particular emphasis upon childhood and adolescence. The implications for instructional design and assessment derived from these theoretical underpinnings are explored within a hypothesis-testing approach to psycho-educational assessment, within which a range of approaches to assessment and intervention are introduced.

The module adopts a broad remit, including normative, curriculum referenced, criterion referenced and dynamic approaches to assessment of cognitive development, attainment, language, learning style and thinking skills, motivational and affective factors, and of learning environments. It also focuses on the processes of social and emotional development within the lifespan development process. Again, a wide range of psychological paradigms and research evidence, and their applicability are explored, as they relate to the mental health and psychological well-being of children and young people. Monitoring, assessment and intervention methods relevant to work at individual, group and institutional levels are presented and applied in the context of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of common developmental and intra- and inter-personal difficulties. 

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