Designing and Conducting Educational Research

Value: 60 credits

In this module you will be able to clarify your research questions in the area of educational research that you intend to undertake and relate them to methodological choices and connected issues of research design.

To inform this process, you will consider critically a number of research approaches used in educational research that are relevant to your particular field of interest. You will be encouraged to examine relationships between research and policy and research and practice in order to consider the implications of your own work and how it might be used by different audiences, and you will explore a range of ways of presenting your research, such as preparing and presenting a paper or poster in which you outline their research and its potential implications.

Supervisors will provide specialist support in your selected areas of study and will offer guidance on further reading and the design of the study.


By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • describe and defend a substantial outline proposal for the research on which your thesis will be based in terms of the focus, the key research questions, the justification for the research, the methodology(ies) and method(s) for carrying out the research, and the ethical issues that will arise, demonstrating a detailed understanding of applicable techniques for research and advanced academic enquiry;
  • identify and discuss the theoretical or conceptual perspective(s) that will be used in relation to the study and how this will be applied, to enable the generation of new knowledge, applications or understanding;
  • articulate in a critical and analytical way your knowledge and understanding of the substantive literature as it currently exists on the theme or themes upon which your research is to focus;
  • consider the contribution of your study to developments in the field and how your proposed research will make a contribution at the forefront of the discipline; the implications of your study for the development of policy and/or practice; and how you intend to share the outcomes of your study.


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