Educational Practices for Social Justice and Equity

Value: 20 credits

This module considers relationships between education, patterns of social inequality and social justice. It examines differentiation in experiences of educational access, attainment and outcomes. It scrutinises the complex roles that educational policy, practice and leadership may play both in facilitating and inhibiting equity.

The module develops knowledge and understanding of how educational practices and policies address issues of social justice, in/equality and diversity in particular educational settings. This will be considered by way of broad themes such as social class, race, faith, disability, gender, sexual orientation and poverty.

Through examples of past/ current research and your own research projects, the module will introduce you to a range of approaches to investigating issues of social justice, equality and diversity, encouraging critical reflection on ideas about fairness, equity and difference.

The module requires you to use research evidence to  examine critically current educational practices, policies and assumptions, with a view to engaging in the process of embedding issues of social justice in education.


3,000 word assignment (75%); Poster or briefing document which offers an efective summary of the specialist study for wider non-academic audiences (25%)

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