Placement learning in Year 2

As was the case during Fieldwork ‘A’ and ‘B’ in Year 1, University tutors will maintain close liaison with you and your designated supervisor within the Educational Psychology Service, and will make visits to the Service in which you are working as a trainee Educational Psychologist. A key function of early contacts between supervisor, tutor and the trainee Educational Psychologist will be to negotiate a Personal Learning Agreement in which:

  • 40% of the time is safeguarded as protected study time;
  • the respective roles and responsibilities of the trainee, the placement supervisor and employing EPS, and the tutor and the University, are clearly specified; and
  • a range of activities which the trainee will undertake in order to meet both the requirements of the University, and the expectations of the Local Authority are clarified and recorded.

The Personal Learning Agreement will then form the basis of the ongoing dialogue between student, supervisor and University tutor.

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