Psychology in Professional Practice

Module Code: 21701

Credits: 30

This module is planned to support the development of your knowledge and understanding of the complex environment within which educational psychology services are delivered. Relevant legislation and policy are reviewed, as are the roles, accountabilities and working practices of the agencies and professional disciplines who share responsibility for supporting the care and development, health and learning of children and young people. The module gives extensive consideration to the public education system and to schools, their structure, staffing, culture, curricula, pedagogic practices and assessment arrangements, preparing trainees for their role as applied psychologists working from the Foundation Stage to post-16 education.

Within this context, the module explores the role and function of contemporary psychological services and the applicability of psychological theory and research to the primary task of promoting children’s development and learning, both through direct work with individual children and groups of children, and through advisory, consultative and research-based work with teachers and others responsible for children’s welfare and learning. Key dimensions of the role such as consultation and supervision, self-presentation, and professional discourses are addressed, drawing upon a number of key theoretical paradigms such as Personal Construct Psychology, the theory and practice of Self-Organised Learning, principles of Democratic Communication, and Socio-Cultural Activity Theory.

Importantly, the module will provide you with a key grounding in the standards of conduct, performance and ethics required of practitioner psychologists, and educational psychologists in particular, by the Heath Professions Council and British Psychological Society.

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