University-based Teaching and Learning in Year 2

There will be relatively little ‘formal’ lecture-based delivery in Years 2 and 3. Rather, ‘academic’ learning will predominantly take the form of tutor-supported inquiry-based learning which relates specifically to the supervised professional practice and research requirements of the programme. The University’s extensive ‘E-Library’ and web- CT resources comprise significant elements of the structured support for learning.

Only a small proportion of the ‘40% study time’ will be allocated to time-tabled lectures and other teaching activities within the University. You will be expected to attend the University for nine days each term. This time will be allocated to:

  • University-based personal professional development tutorials relating to supervised professional practice, and progress with the research and assessed written requirements of the programme, along with any other matters relevant to your needs;
  • lectures and seminars; and
  • trainee-led presentations, seminars and workshops, in which you can present your work and share feedback with peers, exchange-based learning can be facilitated, and group consultation approaches can be applied to support both individual and group development.

In Years 2 and 3 trainees are likely to work closely with two designated tutors from the University, one of whom maintains a lead role in placement liaison and support for the overall personal professional development of the student, and the second of whom acts as research supervisor.

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