Diploma in Occupational Medicine

The principal aim of this course is to prepare medical practitioners for the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) Diploma in Occupational Medicine examination which is a qualification for those wishing to practice Occupational Medicine as a generalist. For full details of the Diploma examination regulations please refer to the FOM website.

The course is taught over two 5 day weeks and will include lectures, small group work, case-studies, workplace visits and examination practice. Some background reading will be required during the course and delegates will be invited to prepare a practice portfolio between the two weeks. Taught and reference material will be based upon UK practice (e.g. legislation). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to attend the course?

It is a FOM regulation that if you wish to sit the examination in Diploma in Occupational Medicine, all candidates must attend a Faculty approved Diploma in Occupational Course. 

I’m not a GP can I attend the course?

Yes, the course is for all medical professionals who either wish to prepare for the FOM Diploma in Occupational Medicine examination or would like to learn more about occupational medicine.  It is most frequently taken by general practitioners who often add to their practice portfolio by providing occupational health services to local companies. 

Do I need to attend both weeks?

All delegates must attend both weeks of the course.  You must attend both weeks of the course in the same year;  i.e. you may not attend week 1 one year and week 2 another year. 

When are the courses held?

The University runs the course once a year, normally June/July.  The 2 five day weeks are held two weeks apart to allow time for delegates to prepare a practice portfolio.

How much is it?

The course fee is £2,500.  Payment can be made with a credit/debit card.  If your employer is paying for the course, the course fee can be invoiced.

When are the examinations?

The examination dates are set by FOM, normally May and November.  Please check dates on the FOM website.

How much do the examinations cost?

The exam fees are set by FOM.

I have attended the course, who books the examination?

Once you have attended the two week course, delegates are responsible for booking the examination with FOM

FOM set the exam dates and fees.

Do I have to sit the examination in the UK?

Yes, the examination dates and locations are set by FOM.

I am not an UK citizen; can I still attend the course?

Yes, the course is open to all delegates UK or international, you must be a medical professional and are either preparing to sit the FOM Diploma in Occupational Medicine examination or would like to learn more about occupational medicine.  Please note this course is based upon UK practice (e.g. legislation) and taught in English.

Do I need to pass an English test? 

This is not required; however please note the course notes, documents, presentations will all be in English.  Delegates will need a good understanding of written and spoken English.

Do I get a certificate?

All delegates who complete both weeks will receive a certificate of attendance, FOM normally accredit the course with 60 CPD Points. The certificate can be used as evidence of eligibility when applying for the examination.

I have attended the course, what next?

You will need to check the FOM website for examination dates and application dates

Why study this course

The aim of the course is to prepare delegates for their initial provision of Occupational Medicine services. Therefore, the course is suitable for general practitioners undertaking occupational health sessions and doctors in other branches of medicine who would like to learn more about occupational medicine.

Fees and funding


How to apply

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