Gene expression analysis by RNA-sequencing - extracting and interpreting meaningful data using online tools for beginners (Online course)

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Continuing professional development

This course is designed primarily for inexperienced bio-medical researchers and scientists who are interested in this technique but do not wish to learn bioinformatic analysis in detail (i.e. use of command line, programming languages). 

Course Overview

  • Fundamental principles of differential gene expression analysis by RNA-sequencing

  • An overview of RNA-sequencing, experimental design, sample collection (wet lab techniques) as well as library preparation and sequencing will be taught
  • Introduction to the analysis pipeline, common problems and troubleshooting
  • Examples of real data and a practical workshop in which course delegates will be able to carry out basic RNA-seq analysis using online tools (i.e. Galaxy suite) on pre-defined data. Analysis will include differential gene expression and gene ontology analysis and how to interpret results
  • Interpretation and further analysis of gene expression data will be discussed with practical examples. e. Further analysis and tools e.g.  that are specific to different data sets will also be discussed to enable course delegates to continue their analysis beyond the course.

Please note that while this type of online analysis is suitable for small numbers of samples, larger and complicated datasets usually require bioinformatic analysis and use of command line. This course is intended for the complete beginner biologist/clinician to get a greater understanding of all steps involved in experiments using RNA-sequencing experiments. For those interested in learning the command line, Centre for Computational Biology provides annual courses.

Learning outcomes

This course aims to provide an introduction to gene expression analysis using RNA-sequencing. At the end of the course, the course delegates will:

  • Understand key steps in experimental design for gene expression studies and make appropriate choices for materials and analysis that are best suited to their needs
  • Through the use of online tools, the course delegates will be able to get a basic analysis of their data and be able to interpret their results
  • Will gain a deeper understanding of how to communicate with  bioinformaticians and understand the ways in which  the data could be interrogated further.

Who is the course for?

This is the perfect course for complete beginners! The course is designed primarily for bio-medical researchers and scientists who are interested in this technique but do not wish to learn bioinformatic analysis in detail (i.e. use of command line, programming languages). No prior experience in RNA-sequencing or computational biology is necessary.
The participants will need a computer with a fast internet connection and the zoom communications tool to attend the classes.


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