Perioperative Medicine: Improving Care of Surgical Patients

Each year, over 10 million patients undergo surgery in the NHS, with 250,000 of those being classified as ‘high risk’. There is a need to understand how to optimisepatients before, during and after surgery, which is the basis of perioperative medicine. There are several professions involved at each stage of this process, which is reflected in the endorsement of perioperative medicine by diverse professional bodies including the Royal College of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Surgeons, Royal College of Nursing.

This two day course is designed to improve the integrated care and management of surgical patients. The course also provides a forum for delegates to discuss and share and their experiences from different hospitals. The course promotes perioperative medicine as a powerful framework to improve the care of our surgical patients and supports course delegates to implement this approach in their own clinical practice.

  • Definition, framework and NICE guidelines for perioperative medicine
  • Current development and research in perioperative medicine
  • What we can learn from patients experience
  • Clinical challenges inbariatricpatients, multimorbidpatients and emergency surgical patients
  • Cost effectiveness of perioperative care

Who is the course for?
All grades of anaesthetist, surgeon and critical care physician, operating department practitioners, surgical practitioners (e.g. first assistants), senior critical care / surgical / research nurses, will benefit from this course. We encourage teams from the same hospital / unit to attend together, as a truly multidisciplinary approach is the key to positive perioperative outcomes.

Why study this course

  • Explore the current framework of perioperative medicine and the challenges presented in linking this to clinical practice
  • Understand perioperative issues for common, high risk groups such as bariatric, elderly and emergency patients, and how their outcomes can be optimized
  • Discuss the potential economic impact of perioperative medicine, and how to make surgical care most cost effective
  • Learn about the latest perioperative research from pioneers in the field and identify relevant research questions and research projects you could develop and coordinate in your Institution
  • To be part of a network for interactive discussions and learning between fellow delegates and experts in the field

Fees and funding

Consultants:  £399
Trainees:  £295
Allied Health Professional: £180

How to apply