Assessed Teaching Placement

Value: 20 credits

This module aims to develop skills required to teach deaf and hearing impaired children.  It is based on two periods of assessed practical teaching comprising a total of approximately 40 days teaching.  Students already in post as specialist teachers of deaf children normally undertake one of the two placements in their own place of work.  The aims of the module are to develop knowledge, understanding and skills enable students to be competent at:

  1. Planning and teaching a programme suitable for deaf/hearing impaired children/young people.
  2. Creating an appropriately stimulating environment for deaf learners.
  3. Applying appropriately a range of theoretical approaches and strategies in teaching situations.
  4. Making critical self-evaluations of teaching.


This will be through a practical assessment.

Tutor Angela Wootten

Angela Wootten talks about the teaching placement on the Teachers of children with hearing impairment programme

Student Chirs Mackintosh


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