Autism Adults: Intervention, Support and Education (Core module)

This is the second module of the Autism (Adults) programme and cannot be taken unless you have already taken the module 'Autism Adults: Understanding and Working with the Continuum of Need' module.

The module aims to give you knowledge of models of best practice for supporting and enabling adults on the autism spectrum. Study time will vary from one student to another but it is designed to take 200 hours of student time, including tutorials and work on the assignments.


  • to provide knowledge of approaches to the support, education and empowerment of adults on the autism spectrum that address fundamental needs, based on current research and theoretical understandings.
  • to explore the way models of support for adults on the autism spectrum can identify and respond to these needs through the provision of appropriate educational and support programmes in a variety of settings.

The module contains seven units:

  • Unit 1: Relationships and socio-sexual development in autistic individuals
  • Unit 2: Lifelong education for autistic adults
  • Unit 3: Supporting social and emotional wellbeing
  • Unit 4: The development of autistic culture
  • Unit 5: Personalised approaches to developing life skills
  • Unit 6: Reducing barriers to work for autistic adults
  • Unit 7: Autism & ageing


In order to demonstrate their learning in this module you will select an assignment from a range of titles reflecting the content of the module or you may negotiate a title with the University tutor.

Level H: Essay Length: 3,000 words

Level M: Essay Length: 4,000 words

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