Developmental Psychology

This module provides a framework within which you can explore and gain an understanding of the paradigms within developmental psychology.

The module looks closely at the biological, behavioural, environmental and cognitive levels of child development and includes theories such as attachment and zones of proximal development, in addition to exploring working memory, sensorimotor development and differences in development. The aim of this module is to understand different patterns of development and the impact on the whole child.

This module will give you 20 credits at Postgraduate Masters Level/Level 7.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, you will have:

  • Increased your understanding of the developing child by examining the biological, behavioural, environmental and cognitive layers of psychology
  • Developed your understanding of the diverse paradigms within developmental psychology
  • Begun to understand how the various patterns of development may impact on learning and social and emotional well-being from a ‘whole child’ perspective 


You will be assessed through a range of work, enabling you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and understanding of the theory and practical application of the module material.

You will have one specific formative assessment (where you receive informal feedback, but it does not count towards your module grade) and two components of summative assessment (which are each graded).