Effective Teaching of Children and Young People with visual Impairments

Module 27466. PGDip Mandatory only

Value 20 credits

This module focuses on the application of existing teaching strategies and the development of new approaches to meet the specific needs of pupils with vision impairments (including those with multiple needs).

The module will enable you to identify and meet the learning needs of pupils with vision impairments by:

  • identifying the range of barriers to learning and participation experienced by pupils and devising appropriate strategies to reduce these barriers;
  • evaluating assessment criteria and selecting from the range available to meet pupil learning needs and styles;
  • adapting and evaluating their own teaching strategies to promote full curricular access; responding to the needs of pupils within the context of the whole class, specific forms of groupings within a class and as an individual;
  • analysing and evaluating your own practice with reference to the relevant VIMQ outcomes

The module requires successful completion of a professional development portfolio containing:

  • evidence that you have met all the relevant VIMQ outcomes;
  • evidence that you have achieved competence in Grade 2 British Braille;
  • a critical analysis of a negotiated teaching placement where you will have demonstrated effective classroom management to a visiting assessor appointed by the University.

Teachers of Children and Young People with Vision Impairments