Special studies in education and Educational Psychology (Distance Education)

Module 05473 

Value: 20 credits 

This module is designed with an open structure to guide a problem focused enquiry in the chosen field of study. The guidance provided will focus on the process of developing a critical, constructive, approach to the definition of problems in your field of study and the evaluation of actions taken to address these problems.

The module can be part of different programmes of study, but will relate to the particular programme being studied. The module allows individual study in special education and/or educational psychology planned according to your special interests and needs in order to permit specialisation under supervision in either a programme of study or a particular aspect of special teaching or form of provision. It is intended that the selected area of study will normally include some forms of practice, for example, in observation and assessment; in the implementation of a teaching programme; the evaluation of curriculum materials or teaching methods.

Assessment: One 4,000 word assignment


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