Partnership and Collaboration


This module focuses on the importance of partnership and collaboration in modern public management and effective service delivery. The module introduces you to the main theoretical perspectives on partnership, and how these have developed and relate to the dynamics of collaboration in the public sector. You will look at the increasing importance of inter-organisational collaboration and the skills required for the successful development and maintenance of effective partnerships.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Explain the key drivers of collaborative and partnership working
  • Analyse the benefits of collaborative and partnership strategies, from the perspectives of political science, sociology, political economy, and strategic management;
  • Identify the attitudes, behaviours and organisational cultures which both expedite and hinder collaborative and partnership strategies;
  • Demonstrate the ability to construct a joined-up approach to collaborative and partnership strategy which is outcome-driven and produces public value;
  • Appraise the models available for mapping and measuring the impacts of collaborative and partnership strategies in a systematic evaluative framework;
  • Appraise the impact of collaborative and partnership strategies on different stakeholder groups and the implications for engaging these groups in partnership working.

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