Public Management and Governance in a Changing World


This module focuses on how public management and governance has been evolving and how it might be expected to develop into the future under different models and in different countries. The module introduces you to both theoretical perspectives on the dynamics of change and empirical experience of public management and governance in international contexts.

The content is arranged into eight key themes as follows:

1. The Nature of Change in Public Management and Governance
2. The Roots of Public Management and Governance
3. The Rise of the New Public Management
4. The Advent of Network Governance
5. Towards Public Value
6. The Regulatory State
7. A Trusted and Ethical Public Service?
8. Public Management and Governance into the Future

Learning Outcomes

By the completion of the module, you should be able to:

  • Discuss authoritatively, and with constructively critical perspectives, the various ways in which public management and governance has evolved in different international contexts, and the key factors accounting for change in this respect over the past fifty years or so.
  • Feel confident in your ability to research, analyse and present new information, ideas and conceptualisations on aspects of public management and governance to peer audiences.
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the ‘big picture’ issues in public management and governance as well as your skills in interpreting and making sense of the complexities, contradictions and tensions that tend to characterise contemporary public policy because of competing ideologies, values and priorities.
  • Converse and write with imagination and vision as well as expertise on the likely and possible futures for public management and governance over the coming decades and in an increasingly globalized context.
  • Exhibit greater awareness of the diversity of cultures and values that shape and determine practice in public management and governance around the world , and also heightened sensitivity to the issues of ethical standards and conduct in public life, not least your own.

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