Resources you will need


If you wish to take one of the distance learning programmes at Ironbridge it is recommended that you have regular access to a computer with internet access (with at least a 56k modem, and preferably Broadband) so that you can get involved in online discussions. Contributing to discussions and reflecting on other students’ postings is considered a requirement of the course. For those students who can only access a computer occasionally, and who do require supporting materials on CD, it may be possible for you to only use the WebCT site for online discussions. This might require internet access for about one hour a week. 

You will also need access to a university library close to where you live. As a student registered with us, you will have access to Birmingham University libraries, including the Ironbridge Institute library, but you will probably need to obtain books and journals more locally. In certain circumstances, subject to copyright legislation, we may be able to provide some additional printed materials.