Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering PhD (Emerging Device Technology specialism)

Our interests are the science and applications of materials, primarily in the area of microwave and RF engineering. The materials studied most are superconductors and semiconductors, although we also have interesting projects on magnetic, ferroelectric and dielectric materials. In addition, we have substantial work on micromachined components.

A large proportion of both the science and the application work is at microwave frequencies, making results of many of the projects applicable to communications and radar systems. We do extensive analytical and numerical modeling, ranging from fundamental studies of electron transport in semiconductors to numerical analysis of new types of microwave filter.

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The EDT group laboratory houses an extensive range of modern research equipment for all of its projects. The equipment ranges from a microwave probe station to investigate the performance of microwave circuits down to a temperature of four Kelvin and up to a frequency of 50GHz to a £1 million clean room for the producing and processing of thin film materials. The group also has an extensive range of computing equipment with a large range of commercial software including most of the microwave computer-aided design suites. Details of the facilities available are on the group website.

Current projects

Some project areas are:

  • Superconducting microwave filters for radio astronomy and communications
  • Switchable and frequency agile microwave filters using superconducting and ferroelectric materials
  • Deposition, characterisation and application of new types of thin film materials using sputtering, evaporation and laser ablation
  • Passive micromachined microwave components for terahertz applications
  • Microwave properties of materials including superconductors, dielectrics, ferrites and ferroelectrics
  • Modelling of hot-carrier effects in semiconductors and nano devices
  • Josephson devices
  • Neuro electronic interfaces