Advanced Manufacturing Centre

Manufacturing is the life-blood of the world economy, transforming ideas and inventions into real products. Our Advanced Manufacturing Centre has strong industrial collaboration with approximately 80 manufacturing organisations participating in projects.

Advanced Machining

The research projects in advanced machining involve a wide range of materials including advanced nickel and titanium alloys of the type used in the aerospace industry and include HSM, creep feed grinding, micro machining (EDM, HSM and ultrasonic cutting), workpiece integrity evaluation, FE modelling and the development of novel processes. Key collaborators include Rolls-Royce, Airbus, GKN, Aerospace and Doncasters.

Contact: Dr Sein Leung Soo and Dr Richard Hood

Intelligent Systems

Research in this area aims to develop anddeploy tools and techniques from the field of artificial intelligence including fuzzy logic, neural networks, inductive learning, multiagent systems and a range of nature-inspired optimisation algorithms. The design of intelligent robots for industrial and domestic tasks and creation of advanced software for path planning, machine scheduling, production control and supply chainmanagement are examples of applications considered in this research area.

Contact: Professor Duc Pham and Dr Mozafar Saadat

Geometric Modelling and Process Modelling

Research interests are in the fundamentalaspects of CADCAM, with a particular focus on geometry, applied to develop robust solutionsto engineering problems in surface modelling and CNC machining. The research area is equipped with state-of-the art computing facilities, access to three and five-axes machining centres, a modern working environment, including a comprehensive library.The group undertakes collaborative research funded by EPSRC and industry and maintains very strong links with our industrial collaborators in the automotive, aerospace and shoe industries.

Research in the area of process modelling involves the modelling of materials, manufacturing and design for applications in the automotive, aerospace and power generation industries. The group focus is on the simulation of advanced material processing technologies such as Hot Isostatic Pressing, Direct Laser Fabrication and Additive Layer Manufacturing. The group has established research collaboration with Rolls-Royce, BEA systems, ITP, CEIT, DSTL and the MTC.

Contact: Dr Khamis Essa

Laser Machining / Texturing

Research is focused on process design issues associated with the use of the latest generation of ultra-short pulsed lasers and MOPA-based Yb-doped fibre lasers and the high dynamics beam delivery systems. The topics of specific interest are (i) design and implementation ofreconfigurable laser micro processing systems for structuring, texturing and polishing of large 3Dsurfaces; (ii) investigation and modelling of laser-material interactions; (iii) process design for integrating laser-based processing modules/subssystems with other complementary machining processes, e.g. milling, into product-specificmanufacturing platforms and (iv) laser processing of engineered metallic materials e.g. nano-phaseand amorphous metals.

Contact: Professor Stefan Dimov

Micro Manufacturing

Research builds on the traditions and expertise in advanced machining and microengineering to deslign and validate process chains for producing masters that integrate innovatively a range of mechanical, energy assisted and clean-room technologies.

Contact: Professor Stefan Dimov

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