Cryogenic Engine Laboratory

The School of Mechanical Engineering is an intergral part of the 'Birmingham Centre for Cryogenic Energy Storage.' As the first dedicated research facility for energy storage using cryogenic liquids, the centre contains new laboratories, state of the art equipment, and a major demonstration plant.

Cryogenic Engine Laboratory

Academics from this research centre areresearching the thermodynamic cycles and generation processes associated with CES technology. This includes the development of integrated experimental systems including zero-emission, LN2/Lair Stirling and reciprocating engine test facilities as well asthose for component and ancillary systems testing.

Contact: Dr Athanasios Tsolakis, Dr Karl Dearn, Dr Raya Al-Dadah

Sustainable Energy Technologies

Research into sustainable energy technologies includes:

  • Heat powered adsorption systems for cooling, energy storage, power generation and water desalination.
  • Harnessing solar energy through thedevelopment of concentrators for both thermal and electrical applications where silicon and advanced multi-junction cells areused.
  • Small scale turbo-machines including radial and axial turbines for power generation in domestic and small size buildings.
  • Rotary Wankle engine for auxiliary powergeneration and range extending for hybrid cars.
  • Stirling Engines for power generationusing waste heat, biomass, solar thermal energy and cryogenic fluid.

Contact: Dr Raya Al-Dadah

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