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Skills Bootcamp in Drama and Scripted TV

Create Central Bootcamp in Drama and Scripted TV. Learn from leading film and production professionals about all aspects of production, gain on-set experience and benefit from tailored careers support to boost your prospects in the competitive scripted drama and TV industry.  

Start date
4 September 2023
6 weeks
Time commitment
3 weeks on campus, 2 weeks placement and 1 concluding/reflecting week
Online and in person
Drama and Scripted TV

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Did you know that the West Midlands is a hub for film and drama productions? From independent cinema and production companies, to the BBC Drama Village in the city, to a whole host of screen and film school opportunities across the region, the industry is right on our doorstep.

If you are interested in working in film and drama production, this Create Central Bootcamp funded by West Midlands Combined Authority and delivered by University of Birmingham is a really exciting opportunity for graduates, college-leavers, career-changers and people over the age of 19 living in the West Midlands region to gain some practical industry experience and get a foot on the career ladder in this competitive sector.

This practical bootcamp is an immersive and intensive opportunity to learn about, and experience, all aspects of scripted drama production. You’ll work with leading film and TV professionals with years of experience in the industry, drawing on their expertise to prepare you for work on set, in a three-week intensive curriculum.

You’ll then have a two-week secondment to a film or TV production, gaining hands-on experience on set. You’ll be able to shadow a production, using the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in your training to observe and participate on set.

The practical bootcamp culminates with a range of online sessions in the final week, devoted to mentoring, CV support and masterclasses on ways into the industry.

If you are unemployed, you will be supported to secure an interview with an in-process production on completion of the course. If you are employed, you will be supported to re-train for a role/secure a promotion in the scripted drama/film industry.


The Skills Bootcamp in Drama and Scripted TV is a free course. 

How to apply

Please see the Requirements tab for further details on how to apply.


Entry requirements

In order to enrol on the programme:

We’re keen for applicants from underrepresented groups to apply, which include those with a disability, those from ethnic minorities, lower socio economic groups, LGBTQ+ community and different backgrounds to ensure we are representative of all.

How to apply

When clicking on the Apply Now button, you will be directed to an online application specific to the Create Central Bootcamp in Drama and Scripted TV. You will then need to complete the online application to apply for the bootcamp.

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The Scripted Drama/TV Bootcamp is a six-week programme. You’ll spend the first three weeks in practical classroom-based study. You’ll then head out on location for two weeks, before a final set of online culmination activities in the final week.

The first three-weeks of classroom study will take place 10am - 4pm each day of the week (there might be some variation depending on content, but you are expected to keep this period free). You’ll be expected to attend each day, and to contribute to classroom discussion.

In the first week, you’ll receive a 360-degree grounding in what working on a production entails. You’ll be taught by an industry professional, with experience of production, about all facets of work on set, including behaviour and expectations.

In the second week, you’ll experience masterclasses delivered by specialists – in sound, production design and camera work, and a range of other technical aspects of production. You’ll gain valuable insight through this work, and we expect you to be able to actively observe work on production through the knowledge you gain.

In the third week, you’ll continue to expand your knowledge base further, and, based on your preferences of what aspects of production interest you the most, you’ll received tailored supervision to prepare you for being on set.

When you head out on production, you’ll be supported by an on-site contact. By its very nature, film and TV production is sometimes prone to last-minute changes – you’ll need to follow the production timetable, and attend when you are asked to by your contact. You’ll gain valuable work experience in these two weeks – through active observation and working on a live film or drama production and developing an in-depth knowledge of procedures and practices on set.

In the final week, you’ll have a 1-to-1 meeting and some further careers support, but you will not be required to be available every day. You’ll meet with a mentor and discuss your career plans, and receive some bespoke CV support as you look forward to your next steps. You’ll be supported in setting up a job interview with a production in this final week, too.

When you complete the bootcamp, you’ll become an alumnus of Create Central – you’ll receive updates about work opportunities and network events that are relevant to you.

Learn from leading film and production professionals about all aspects of production






Costume and make-up



You will receive:

A Certificate of Completion from University of Birmingham, showcasing your accomplishments to future employers

Use your Skills Bootcamp certificate as evidence of your specialised skills and progress further in your career.

Careers services

You will have access to careers services that will help you secure a job interview or progress in your current role. Support includes online careers events with industry professionals, training in presenting and communication skills, interview advice and practice sessions, and 1-2-1 career coaching.

Example roles include production co-ordinator/assistant production coordinator; third, second and first assistant director; camera trainee; sound recordist and boom operators; hair and makeup designer; production designer; art director/standby art director; props master; set decorators and set carpenters; runner/production assistant and many more. 

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