Empirical Topics in Accounting and Corporate Finance

Module description

This is an MSc level course in empirical accounting and corporate finance. The course objective is to introduce students to core papers and econometric procedures used in empirical research in (positive) accounting and corporate finance. The emphasis of the course is on empirical implementation and self-learning.

After successful completion of this course students are expected to understand the core papers and to perform research in selected topics. In particular, students would be able to: position their research in the relevant literature; gather and compile data; conduct exploratory data analysis; measure forecast accuracy; perform event studies; measure long term operating and financial performance; conduct relevant statistical diagnostic tests. 


  • 1 group assignment to be submitted in February (12.5%)
  • 1 group assignment to be submitted in March (12.5%)
  • Individual research project to be submitted in April (50%)
  • Presentation of individual project in April (25%)