Trading techniques


Module description

This module will develop the academic approach to market analysis into the real world of financial markets trading. It will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how financial markets operate in the real world and how inter-market correlations affect market prices. Students will learn about the external influences that cause the fluctuations of currencies, debt securities, stocks, shares and commodities and will have access to real-time market information on which to apply this knowledge.

The course will also cover current customs, practices, regulations and ethical behaviour within global financial markets. The course is presented by two professional traders who will share their own experiences in the market to help students derive the maximum benefit from the many sources of information currently available.

Learning outcomes

Students who successfully complete the module will be able to:

(a) Interpret a variety of information from different sources and assess the potential impact of this information on foreign exchange rates and the market price of bonds, commodities and stocks in the near future;

(b) Evaluate the performance of currencies and securities to determine whether a currency or a security is under-priced or over-priced;

(c) Interact effectively and correctly with market colleagues using the appropriate market terminology and etiquette;

(d) Use modern information technology to evaluate and trade different types of securities and currencies; and

(e) Determine the implications of using different types of trading techniques to analyse and trade in the financial markets.

These learning outcomes will be assessed by a test, coursework and a final examination.