Cases in Marketing

Lecturer: Inci Toral

Introduction and Aims

Case study analysis is an important component of any PG course in business and Management. This course aims to encourage the student to utilise the many strategic and tactical models propounded by marketing theorists in a broad and practical context. The cases are drawn from a wide range of sources to encompass marketing issues which are international in nature, contain strategic and short term issues, focus on utilising the marketing planning process as a means of analysis and will link with the topics and ideas presented in the Marketing Concepts module.

The course will attempt to develop an understanding of the decision making process required by marketing professionals through report writing and presentation. The use of information technology to deliver high quality presentations will be encouraged.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and understanding outcomes:

  • Apply the core concepts of marketing to marketing case studies
  • Analyse marketing data and facts
  • Highlight general approaches and techniques to solve marketing problems
  • Develop ways of identifying marketing problems and solutions
  • Understand the marketing planning process and its influence on decision making
  • Present solutions, in class, to marketing dilemmas
  • Work in multi-cultural teams on marketing projects

Skills and competence outcomes:

  • Develop analytical and problem solving skills through case studies
  • Develop presentation skills by participating in class presentations
  • Work effectively as part of a team
  • Demonstrate the origins of ideas by appropriately referencing sources used in the assignments

Module Assessment

Continuous Assessment: 1 presentation and report to count for 25% of the total mark; 1 essay to count for 75% of the total mark.