Governance, policy and regulation in health organisations

Introduction and module objectives

Issues considered will include governance processes throughout organisations, with a particular focus on the quality of services, policy implementation external to the organisation and how it shapes local delivery of services, and regulation regimes, of professions and organisations. These interrelated issues are of great importance to clinical leaders, as they have a direct and immediate effect on services and staff. They need to be analysed within broader contexts, such as the place of the professions in society and government ideology in order to develop a useful comparative process.

The objectives of the module are to provide the firm foundation of understanding in these areas which is needed to lead clinicians at all levels.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the module students should be able to:

  • Interpret and apply perspectives of governance in health and health care organisations
  • Explore the implications of professional and organisational regulation on clinical management in health and health care organisations
  • Critically assess processes of policy implementation in areas of interest to clinical leaders.
  • Develop comparative methods that take into account relevant similarities and differences between jurisdictions.


Each country has its own systems of governance, policy, and regulation, which will provide comparative case study material from which generic principles and approaches can be learnt.

The three clinical leadership modules will develop links between the specific content areas to provide a coherent specialist programme to complement the general MBA modules.