Corporate Public Relations and Event Management

MBA module

Lecturer: Prof Jo Andrews

Introduction and aims

  • To examine communication theory and its relevance to Public Relations and Event Management.
  • To examine the myths and problems of communication within organisations and to consider their impact upon organisational teams and upon organisational strategy.
  • To assess the value of Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a modern communication tool.
  • To explore the different types of Public Relations and Events and to consider their impact upon corporate reputation and identity.
  • To critically evaluate the role of team development and team performance in Public Relations activities.
  • To explore the processes involved in managing communication with external audiences, such as customers, sponsors and the media, whilst retaining ownership of the corporate image.
  • To consider current issues impacting upon Public Relations and Event Management including the management of crises and press /media relations.
  • To consider alternatives in post-event evaluation.


At the end of the module students will be familiar with the theory and practice of Corporate Public Relations and Event Management and have an understanding of significant issues impacting upon corporate communication strategies.

Module description

This module will explore the range of communication issues facing the Public Relations and Event Management teams in UK organisations. Communication issues will be explored in the context of  internal and external organisational audiences –emphasising the importance of balancing both these stakeholder needs.


  • Theory and Myths of communication.
  • Informal communication and the impact of the grapevine.
  • The role of perception and the measurement of communication effectiveness.
  • The timing and transmission of bad news.
  • The importance of developing productive and harmonious teams.
  • The impact of NLP upon effective communication.
  • The types of media relations—the importance of the press release.
  • The management of live events.
  • Assessing risk and dealing with a crisis.
  • Techniques for post- event evaluation.