Ethical Finance and Sustainability


John Cadle

Introduction and Aims

This module is made up of 4 independent topics.  Each topic addresses a theme within the context of banking.  The topics investigate banks’ interactions with people, the environment, investors and owners.  These key stakeholders are integral to the prosperity of individual banks as well as the banking sector.  As such, the topics over the 5 days come together to form a coherent whole involving banking contexts.  A key aim is to draw on the expertise and experience of professionals who specialise in these areas.  This provides a balance of exposure to academic, policy and practitioner perspectives.

The 4 topics are:

1. Investment Stewardship

2. Financial Markets Regulation

3. Corporate Responsibility and Responsible Investment

4. Financial Inclusion

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Discriminate and critically appraise commercial banks and investment institutions within the financial system.
  • Show an advanced understanding of the governance and investment stewardship of banks.
  • Define, explain and apply the tools of responsible investment to firms and situations.
  • Define, explain and appraise financial inclusion.


  • 2 3,000 word individual assignments (50% each)