International Business Environment

MBA Module (Executive/SPM/Public Service)


Dr Glyn Watson


The module will look particularly at the impact which governments have on a business strategy and the effects caused by the rapid developments of technology and shortening of product life cycles. It examines the development of the global economy and pays particular attention to the phenomenon of globalisation and what is driving it forward. The concept of competitiveness is examined in the context of business operations in the main centres of global activity; the US, Japan, Asian Newly industrialising Economies and Europe. The module concludes with a comparison of the different environments in which business operates and the advantages and disadvantages of conducting business in different parts of the world.

Learning Outcomes

To acquaint students with the need for business decision makers to be aware of the global environment and the factors which shape it. To develop an appreciation of the interplay and interconnectedness of all these factors and the way in which they impact on business decision making.

Method of Assessment

  • 3 hour written examination (50%)
  • 3,000 - 4,000 word assignment (50%)

Reading list

  • Dicken, P. Global Shift. 3rd ed. 
  • Nellis & Parker, The Principles of Business Economics, 2002