Leading Strategy and Change (Executive MBA)

MBA Module (Executive)

Lecturer: Nick Potter


The formulation and implementation of new strategies requires strong leadership by the board of directors and other senior managers throughout the entire set of processes. This module will initially concentrate on the issue of achieving congruence between an organisation and it environment, before introducing a range of strategic options both at corporate and business level. Attention will then focus specifically on leadership, the role of the board and independent directors. In the second half of the module, consideration will turn to the role of leaders in the evaluation of strategic options, the implementation process and managing strategic change. It is designed to be fully integrative and will develop each student’s confidence in their ability to analyse information and reach justifiable conclusions using case studies.

Learning Outcome

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Generate and critically evaluate a range of strategic options, allowing for both intended and emergent strategies.
  • Review critically the role and duties of a board of directors and the concept of corporate governance.
  • Critically evaluate the role of leaders in effective change management.
  • Demonstrate a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the practical issues that arise when implementing new strategies and how these might be addressed.
  • Identify the options for leading change and reflect critically on how they might be effectively pursued.
  • Critically evaluate the causes of resistance to change and develop strategies to overcome them. 
  • Understand the need for a communications strategy to monitor progress and to maintain momentum.

Method of Assessment

One 3-hour unseen exam (50%), one 3000 word essay (40%) and one group presentation (10%)

Reassessment: By one 3-hour unseen exam