Marketing Concepts and Practice

MBA module

Lecturer: Peter Hyde

Introduction and Aims

The module aims to provide a critical and systematic understanding of theory and practice in marketing. Marketing is the business discipline which delivers value to customers and it is this context that students will gain a comprehensive understanding of marketing tools and techniques and their limitations. Insights into the relationship between marketing and strategy, marketing and the customer, marketing and operations and marketing and the brand will emerge from service, manufacturing, technological and consumer product perspectives. The module will trace the development and application of marketing theory embracing the experiences of FMCG approaches, through to business to business and marketing relationships and by critically identifying theoretical synergies which underpin marketing decision making.

Objectives and Learning Outcomes

By the end of the modules students hould be able to:

  • critically analyse market environments from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives and demonstrate how the global business environment impacts on marketing strategy in both business and consumer contexts;
  • identify sources of competitive advantage within organisations using evidence based knowledge in consumer and business markets;
  • demonstrate a critical appreciation of new developments in marketing practice and theory;
  • appraise and synthesize theoretical approaches to identify and analyse marketing problems and implement solutions;
  • demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the ways in which marketing tools and techniques impact on the marketing planning process to further the development of marketing strategy.


  • Individual assignment 3,000 words (50%)
  • Group presentation and report 1,000 words (25%)
  • 1 hour class test (25%)